Days of War Wiki

The HUD of Days of War displays all the needed information on screen but isn't too intrusive so the player can concentrate on the game. In the following we'll break it down to parts to explain it.

DoW HUD.jpg

Number Element Description
1 Mini Map Shows your position and those of your allies and enemies. Can be toggled full-screen using 'M'.
2 Objective Icons Shows the game-mode dependant match info. For example, on Domination it shows the flags and which team captured them.
3 Timer / Score On Domination, the timer shows the remaining time the match will run. Can also display round warmup and cooldown. On other game modes it can also display the score.
4 Crosshair The crosshair helps you finding the center of the screen and aiming at enemies. Can be customized in the game settings.
5 Near point of interest Displays the nearest point of interest on the map. On Domination this can be the nearest flag.
6 Weapon Inventory Shows the weapons of your loadout which you can scroll through with the Mouse Wheel or the keys 1-5 to equip.
7 Ammo Shows the current ammunition in your magazine and the total amount of ammunition. Also displays the fire mode of a weapon (single, semi-automatic or automatic).
8 Health & Stamina Displays your current health and stamina.

Additional Info

You can toggle the HUD by using the console command